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Master Keyed Alike in Brandon Florida

Is it time your residential or commercial property gets master keyed alike in Brandon, Florida? What? You haven't heard of the term "Master Key System"? Our expert locksmiths at Brandon Lock and Key will explain how the master keyed alike system provides security solutions for your needs.

What is a Master Key System? It is one of the most manageable access control systems used to track who can access the main entrance, internal doors, or other doors using a single master key. Here are some standard terms for how a Master Key System works:

  • Change Key: Also known as the sub-master key, it operates one lock.

  • Master Key: One key that opens several locks.

  • Grand Master Key: A key designed to fit several master key system locks.

  • Great Grand Master Key: This key provides the greatest access and opens all subsequent key systems under it.

These terms form the many key types available for this system. The Master Key System works mainly with pin tumbler locks, including a key pin and a driver pin. When you insert the correct key into the lock, it lifts the pins, opening the door.

A Master Key System is one of several security solutions our locksmith service provides residents of Brandon, FL, and the greater Tampa Bay area. With our same-day service, our customers will feel safe again immediately.

We tackle most lock and key issues, and most of our services, including security cameras and fixing a broken key, can be done on location.


High-Security Keys

Making high-security keys is one of the best ways for Brandon, FL, and greater Tampa Bay area residents and business owners to feel more secure.

You cannot duplicate these keys easily without permission from the key owner. Typically they are used with high-security locks that are resistant to being picked. They are meant for additional commercial and residential security.


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Services That We Offer

Master Keyed Alike

We can replace all your different locks and keys to install multiple locks that will work with only one master key.

Security CCTV Cameras

We install, repair, maintain, and upgrade CCTV cameras for your home or business. Call us now to know your options.

Home, Business, and Car Lockouts

We can help you 24/7 with your emergency lockout situations for your home, business, or car.

Key Duplication and Replacement

We handle all types of locks and keys. We can replace and duplicate your keys depending on your needs.

Finger Print Access

We can upgrade your security system and install a high-tech entry and exit system for your home or business.

At Brandon Lock and Key, we have multiple locks for you to choose from. Whether you want a simple lock or a more elaborate security lock system, our knowledgeable locksmith team will provide you with the best lock and key solution.

As with any of our high-security systems, our locksmith service professionals list only authorized people who need clearance to access a room. We follow a strict protocol, restrict access to keys, and track how many keys are made.

Whether you’re looking for an extra security key system for a filing cabinet to the main entrance, we treat each job with the same level of respect and attention to detail. Our service is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. We know what you need to feel secure and have the tools to make it happen.

We are the top choice for Brandon locksmith services. Here are some other services we also provide:

  • Complete and superior automotive locksmith services.

  • Key repairs.

  • Door lock repair.

  • Key duplication services for your car keys.

We provide both residential locksmith services as well as commercial locksmith services. Our locksmith company prides itself on delivering the best locksmith solutions.

Master Key Systems Done Efficiently in Brandon FL

To give your security system extra protection, We can install the proper Master Key System for your needs. Whether you need to control room access for employees or any other important matter, we’ll form a plan to give you keys and locks that work best for you.

We also provide an emergency locksmith service if your home or office’s security is compromised and you need door locks or keys replaced quickly. As Brandon, FL’s locksmith emergency experts, we’ll have your residence or business secure immediately!

Each security job is location-specific. Our services cover all types of security lock and key needs from schools, hospitals, nursing homes, residences, and businesses. In most cases, we can securely have your door rekeyed or replace your lock on the spot.

We service residents and business owners of Brandon, Plant City, Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas. Our Master Key Systems and our door lock and key services are second to none.

We are the company that cares about keeping your house or business safe. From the installation of a one-key system for your doors to providing our rapid response emergency door and lock service, Our locksmiths at Brandon Lock and Key are ready to help!


Customer Feedbacks


“I left my keys inside my apartment so I called Brandon Lock and Key for help. They sent me knowledgeable locksmiths who did opened my door in a safest and quickest way possible. They also made me one extra key copy to avoid unexpected lockout. Thanks for your concern!”

Albie Patel

“Amazing locksmith service at an affordable price! I will now consider Brandon Lock and Key as my go-to locksmith team. They were very helpful and fast responsive to any kind of lock and key issues. Trained and knowledgeable staffs, indeed!”

Toby Willis

“Brandon Lock and Key was my third locksmith company to call very late last night for my locksmith emergency. Glad the first two companies didn't accommodate my call so I got to experience the best service in town. Your team was very comfortable and easy to deal with. Very hardworking and detail oriented. Will surely call for your service again.”

Elise Cooper

“Found the best locksmith team to call for our lockout emergencies! Brandon Lock and Key helped me get inside my house safely in no time. They also double checked everything before leaving to assure that no damage was made on my door. This is the kind of service that we all need!”

Lydia Young

“Call Brandon Lock and Key for a stress-free and hassle-free locksmith services! I used their service for the first time and I was really satisfied on how they worked with my serious lock issues. I promise to use your service for the second time and forever!”

Claudia Dixon