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Security CCTV Cameras Installation

Security CCTV cameras installation is a service our experts at Brandon Lock and Key of Brandon, FL offer. Many businesses and homeowners assume that it's costly to install security cameras. However, CCTV security camera systems can be affordable, and installation by our team of professional installation experts makes it easy!

With today’s WIFI technology, security camera installation is a breeze. Simply plug into the system, and the business or homeowner can control and monitor it from anywhere.

It’s essential to have the right surveillance system installed for your needs. From outdoor security cameras to high-resolution motion-detecting, smart home systems, here is some of the equipment you may need for your ideal security system:

  • Tilt and Zoom: This useful feature lets you remotely control the security camera direction.

  • Wide-Angle Lenses: This surveillance camera feature allows viewers to see a much larger area without the CCTV camera moving.

  • High-Definition: With most security cameras, you can capture and store high-definition footage and send it to a smart device of your choice.

  • Motion Detecting: Many security cameras are activated by motion, and the footage is sent as an alert to your smart device.

  • Night Vision: A popular feature for many outdoor cameras which uses infrared technology to capture the warmth of a human body when it is dark outside.

These are just a few options available with a CCTV camera installation. We will help you select the right option and ensure your CCTV security camera installation does exactly what you want it to do.


Night Vision Security Cameras

This means that surveillance cameras can "see" at night. It is one of the more popular features of a security camera system that we offer. These security CCTV units use specialized infrared technology to detect the presence of a human or animal at night or in a dark room. It does this by picking up the subject's body heat.

With most analog cameras, the ability to "see" at night will depend on the camera's use of integrated technology. However, many of these security CCTV camera systems use specialized lights and sensors to pick up the captured footage. For example, an infrared security camera may have infrared LED lights that shine a light on objects allowing the infrared sensors to "see."


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Services That We Offer

Master Keyed Alike

We can replace all your different locks and keys to install multiple locks that will work with only one master key.

Security CCTV Cameras

We install, repair, maintain, and upgrade CCTV cameras for your home or business. Call us now to know your options.

Home, Business, and Car Lockouts

We can help you 24/7 with your emergency lockout situations for your home, business, or car.

Key Duplication and Replacement

We handle all types of locks and keys. We can replace and duplicate your keys depending on your needs.

Finger Print Access

We can upgrade your security system and install a high-tech entry and exit system for your home or business.

We will install cameras with this technology if the location you need to monitor is too dark for regular security cameras. Our CCTV installation experts will provide security systems that ensure superior quality night security footage.

Talk to us today and see which CCTV security systems are the best for your needs. We understand the cost associated with a security investment. We will explain the installation process, the costs involved, and whether you need security for indoor or outdoor uses.

Increased Home Security System with Motion Detection Security Camera

We can increase your home’s security by installing a motion detection system. This system uses a security camera that only starts to record when it detects motion in the camera’s field of vision.

There are two styles of motion-activated units. One uses software-based motion technology, and the other uses passive infrared (PIR) technology. The PIR style uses hidden infrared technology to detect body heat. The cameras are then activated to start recording.

Another way we can increase your security is by installing more units. A CCTV installation using more cameras gives you access to more areas. At Brandon Lock and Key, we have the latest security cameras and security systems for all uses.

Our installation experts will go through all the steps needed to install your CCTV system properly. Most cameras use two cables for their system. One of the cables is for power, and one is for data transfer. We protect these camera cables by hiding them under areas outside and inside the home where they won’t get damaged.

We have a wide range of security options we can install. We’ll safely secure the powerhead to the power adapter for continuous power to the units for a wired system. We also have wireless options that run on batteries. These wireless systems don’t need to be physically connected to a power source.

Whichever option you choose for increased security, let our professionals at Brandon Lock and Key explain all the options. Our security camera system is your peace of mind.


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“I left my keys inside my apartment so I called Brandon Lock and Key for help. They sent me knowledgeable locksmiths who did opened my door in a safest and quickest way possible. They also made me one extra key copy to avoid unexpected lockout. Thanks for your concern!”

Albie Patel

“Amazing locksmith service at an affordable price! I will now consider Brandon Lock and Key as my go-to locksmith team. They were very helpful and fast responsive to any kind of lock and key issues. Trained and knowledgeable staffs, indeed!”

Toby Willis

“Brandon Lock and Key was my third locksmith company to call very late last night for my locksmith emergency. Glad the first two companies didn't accommodate my call so I got to experience the best service in town. Your team was very comfortable and easy to deal with. Very hardworking and detail oriented. Will surely call for your service again.”

Elise Cooper

“Found the best locksmith team to call for our lockout emergencies! Brandon Lock and Key helped me get inside my house safely in no time. They also double checked everything before leaving to assure that no damage was made on my door. This is the kind of service that we all need!”

Lydia Young

“Call Brandon Lock and Key for a stress-free and hassle-free locksmith services! I used their service for the first time and I was really satisfied on how they worked with my serious lock issues. I promise to use your service for the second time and forever!”

Claudia Dixon